Live traffic after the covid-19 lock-down at Amsterdam airport in my P3Dv5 Simulator (click here for a full screen view).

Really live traffic in your Flight Simulator

PSXseeconTraffic's unique features:

The real time traffic data needed (for injection) is not included but provided by a seperate tool called RealTraffic from Inside Systems Pty Ltd. To give it a try, you could buy a one month license for a (bargain) price of USD $9.99 (no automatic renewal) and enjoy a full month of real traffic!

Videos: See this video of how close PSXT is to real live, London Heathrow, 27L, one screen real live TV, other screen MSFS,
or this video of rush hour at KEWR with LiveAtc, note that the user has blocked one live aircraft and taken its place in the line (#7 for takeoff)

Review See this review on YouTube MSFS | AMAZING LIVE AIR TRAFFIC TOOL

Downloads version 31.9.5, May 19, 2022

Release Notes

PSXseeconTraffic Manual


The PSXseeconTraffic package for MSFS, is available here.

For a quick start follow the instructions in the MSFS Quick Start Guide


The PSXseeconTraffic package with a 32-bit version for FSX / P3Dv4 / P3Dv5, and a 64-bit version for P3D v5.3HF2 only, is available here.

For a quick start follow the instructions in the P3D/FSX Quick Start Guide

Although PSXseeconTrafic does "learn" airports, both PSxseeconTraffic packages contain a stand alone Learner program to update airport files with real live parking information without having the need for a Fligh Simulator connection; just run RealTraffic and Learner.

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Is it free?

Yes and no, my programs may be used free of charge. However, "free of charge" must not be confused with "completely free". It is copyrighted software, not free software. There are restrictions on distribution and use, see the EULA file when installing the software. A major restriction is that it is for non-commercial use only.

The PSXseeconTraffic program is free from advertisements.

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MSFS Airport files with real live parking positions

Here some airport files with real live parking positions created by PSXseeconTraffic ("learning") or the stand-alone Learner tool.
Put the .xml files in the PSXT_MSFS\parked_updates folder.

MSFS stock airports (are already installed by PSXT_MSFS at first installation)

MSFS add-on airports

Other MSFS repository: AeroMaster2

The footer (click here for a full screen view) is a screenshot of aircraft waiting in line for departure at London Heathrow (before covid-19).