PSXseecon connects the Aerowinx PSX with the SIOC software of Opencockpits. It acts as a bridge between those two worlds, "talking" the Aerowinx network protocol over TCP/IP to PSX, and "talking" the IOCP protocol over TCP/IP to the SIOC server. PSXseecon acts as a client program to both servers and performs protocol translation.

2215 predefined SIOC Variables, representing approximately 99% of the functionality of the PSX interface, are available. These variables give access to all states and controls of the PSX 747-400. Everything you need to build a 744 cockpit.

In order to make your SIOC scripts even more simple, PSXseecon provides extra functionality, such as led variables with built in support for bulb-failure, power failure and MD&T test; rotary switch terminal variables; OnOffOn switch terminal variables; direct support for the Opencockpits CDU keyboard; direct support for Rotary Encoders, etc.

To support debugging, PSXseecon provides facilities for monitoring the messages that flow between PSX and PSXseecon and between SIOC and PSXseecon. and ... PSXseecon detects the pre-defined SIOC variables in your scripts automatically!


Consult the Manual and the Release Notes.

A list with all SIOC variables for Qcode variables is available here.


The last version 3.16, March 27, 2018, with a 64 bit version (only) for Windows Vista or later, is available for download

download the last 64 bit PSXseecon, version 3.16

The previous version 3.15, November 15, 2017, with a 64 bit version (only) for Windows Vista or later, is still available for download

download the previous 64 bit PSXseecon, version 3.15

Version 3.13, February 7, 2017, with 32 bit and 64 bit versions for Windows Vista or later, is still available for download

download the last 32 and 64 bit version 3.13

Is it free?

Yes and no, it may be used free of charge. However, "free of charge" must not be confused with "completely free". VMRGenerator is copyrighted software, not free software. There are restrictions on distribution and use. A major restriction is that it is for non-commercial use only!

If you like my program, here is a link for donations towards the site costs.
Please note this is entirely voluntary, there is no obligation whatsoever. Any donations will be put towards keeping the site hosting going and are received with my deepest gratitude and thanks.

SIOC Scripts

Here my complete PSXcockpit archive, with example SIOC scripts PSXcockpit archive, with example SIOC scripts. In it you will also find Plug & Play scripts for Opencockpits Modules and a setup.exe program that will detect the OC modules you have plugged in, and configure these modules automatically. Read more about it in the PSX OCM Manual

Plug&Play scripts for Opencockpits Modules & PSX

To demonstrate the power of SIOC, PSXseecon and PSX have made Plug and Play SIOC files for the Opencockpits Modules EFIS747, MCP737NG (V2 & V3), ATC737, COMM73, FMC747 (new: cdu screen support too!), FMC747V3 (new: cdu screen support too!) and CHRONO737. With these scripts and my PSXseecon program you can use these modules together with the PSX. The installation requires very little technical knowledge. A setup program will do the job. This is what you have to do:

1. Download and install SIOC 5.1 or later from the Opencockpits web site.
2. Download, extract and run the latest PSXseecon version.
3. Plug in all your Opencockpits Modules.
4. Download and extract the file and put PSXcockpit with its subfolders in your SIOC folder.
5. Run setup.exe in the PSXcockpit\OCM_setup folder.
6. Run PSX, run SIOC and finally run PSXseecon.

That's all!
In the PSX OCM Manual the allocation of functions to the various Buttons, Switches and Displays is described.


You can search for information or post questions in the PSXseeconTraffic forum at MyCockpit.