VMRGenerator(vPilot Matching Rules Generator) generates Matching Rules for vPilot for all AI Aircraft installed in any version of FSX or P3D.

The intermediate file AI_liveries.txt is needed for users of my real live traffic program PSXseeconTraffic.


Consult the Manual and the Release Notes.

Download and installation

The latest 64 bit version, January 9, 2018, for Windows 7 or later is available here:

Download the latest 64 bit VMRGenerator version 9.8.

A site with the registration codes of lots of aircraft can be found here.

Is it free?
Yes and no, it may be used free of charge. However, "free of charge" must not be confused with "completely free". VMRGenerator is copyrighted software, not free software. There are restrictions on distribution and use; see the EULA file for details. A major restriction is that it is for non-commercial use only!

VMRGenerator is licensed under this EULA


You can search for information or post your questions in the PSXseeconTraffic forum at MyCockpit.