PSXseeconTraffic for is an add-on for the Aerowinx PSX and (since version 5.0) any user aircraft in Prepar3D v2.5+ and (since version 5.15) in FSX SP2. You can fly your aircraft with live traffic.

Have you ever seen an AI aircraft make a Go-Around? Well try this! (more than 1000 users already did ...)

Flying with live traffic is a great experience. You can take position in the queue for landing, or departure, at your favourite airport and really see all these familiar airlines and aircraft around you. The traffic information at the PSX Navigational Displays (TCAS) or NDs in your user aircraft, is making the flight experience much more real.

PSXseeconTraffic injects aircraft in your Flight Simulator as real as possible, depending on how many different types of AI aircraft you have installed. A list of the liveries that you have installed is input for PSXseeconTraffic and can easily be created with my VMRGenerator tool.

All live aircraft within 40 nm laterally can be shown in your Simulator, and it can park AI aircraft at your origin and destination airports.

PSXseeconTraffic makes the AI traffic move smoothly. It calculates a position for each AI aircraft 40 times per second. It also takes care of setting the landing lights, navigation lights, beacon lights,strobes and flaps, and it and handles the Gear at take-off and landing.

PSXseeconTraffic is light on frames, even with hundreds of AI aircraft, while all aircraft calculations take place outside your FlightSimulator.


Real-life traffic information is provided by another program called RealTraffic The data from RealTraffic is based on transponder data of aircraft. When airborne this gives very good results, on the ground it depends on airport policy. At some airports pilots must have their transponder on, while on other airports they have to switch off their transponder after landing. At those airports there wil be not much taxiing traffic to see. But on the other airports you may follow the aircraft after landing taxiing to the gate or from the gate to the take-off runway.

Download a Windows version of RealTraffic. The costs are low, or use the option to run in demo mode for 10 minutes (full version), to get the idea.

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Consult the Manual and/or the Release Notes.

Download and installation

PUBLIC BETA software is provided as a convenience and a means to test an update before it is ready for general release. BETA software can and usually will contain bugs and other issues. Use at your own risk.

The full package, version 5.18 beta, for Prepar3D v2.5+ and FSX SP2, March 26, 2017, for Windows Vista or higher (*) is available for download here, or for minor version updates, download the PSXseeconTraffic.exe only here.

Download the ParkPosGenerator v1.8 exe only here.

(*) If the program does not start in Win 7 64 bit, uninstall Windows Update KB3118401

By downloading and installing the PSXseeconTraffic package you agree to be bound by the terms of this EULA.

Is it free?
Yes and no, it may be used free of charge. However, "free of charge" must not be confused with "completely free". PSXseeconTraffic is copyrighted software, not free software. There are restrictions on distribution and use; see the EULA file for details. A major restriction is that it is for non-commercial use only!


You can search for information or post your questions in the PSXseeconTraffic forum at MyCockpit.

PSXseeconTraffic in the Media

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How To Install PSX & Real Traffic Beta Into P3D

[P3D][TUTO INSTALLATION] Avoir le trafic en temps reel comme sur FlightRadar24

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